1. Aren’t all engine oils the same?

Most base oils are similar in properties, if you are comparing products within the fully synthetic group or the mineral oil group. Hence, there is very little appreciable difference between one synthetic oil of one brand compared to another if they are produced by any major oil company. The difference is only in the marketing.

2. Why is X-REV superior to all other fully synthetic engine oils?

Xtreme Lubricants Lab is not oil producing company. We are a lubricant specialist. Unlike the major oil companies, our goal is not to sell more oil, but to develop the most effective lubricant for your automobile.  Synthetic oil by itself is a fairly good lubricant for your engine, but it is certainly not the best, especially for high performance cars operating in hot and humid tropical climates.

In producing engine oils, major oil companies start with their base oil-synthetic or mineral, and then put in additives to try and make the base oil a better lubricant. Extreme Lubricants Lab, on the other hand, started from ground zero and asked their lubricant specialists, “what does the latest generation of high performance engines require to keep it operating at maximum power outputs, running at optimal smoothness and yet achieve the best fuel economy for its capacity?” The result is X-REV Racing System 3 applying racing technology in lubricants for everyday street performance .

What differentiates X-REV from the various engine oils available in the market is its unique 3 Step Process which provides the best protection for your engine. Most synthetic engine oils claim to contain additives which is supposed to protect your engine. But they are certainly not of the same quality or quantity as X-REV’s 3-in-1 proprietary ZeroFriction Additives. The reason is simple. Oil companies don’t produce additives. They purchase them from third party chemical companies. The more additives they put into their engine oil, the less oil they will get to sell, and the more it will cost them to make the oil. That is certainly not the smart way to improve their shareholders’ return on capital. Being a lubricant specialist, Xtreme Lubricants Lab simply focuses on the best lubricant that can be developed for your high performance engines.

3. What is the X-REV Racing System 3 Formula?

X-REV Racing System Formula is uniquely formulated for high performance engines that frequently explore the peak rev range. It’s unsurpassed blend includes:

  • Extra ZeroFriction Engine Treatment Additives (380ml) which bonds at a molecular level to all the metal surfaces inside the engine, eliminating metal-to-metal contact, thus significantly reducing friction, enhancing free-revving smoothness, delivering maximum torque and at the same time reducing fuel consumption. The additional concentration of ZeroFriction Engine Treatment Additives enhances these benefits. More Details
  • Top-grade viscosity index improvers which provide excellent high temperature and high shear stability to deliver excellent oil film thickness and engine protection at high operating temperatures and shear rates. This ensures that the oil does not breakdown easily. Superior Additives that clean and protect the engine in harsh heat and high humidity conditions are also included in the special blend as part of the performance package. More Details
  • Premium Performance Fully Synthetic Base Oil which contains Complex Ester (Group V) – the most expensive and most stable base oil even under extreme turbo-charged conditions. More Details

X-REV Racing System 3 Formula is specially formulated for multi-valve turbo-charged and super-charged engines, providing unsurpassed peak performance in a highly stable operating engine environment provided by the Complex Ester base oil. This formula brings racing technology to ultimate street performance for your car and for the occassional track use.

4. What is Different about X-REV Track Lubes?

X-REV Track Lubes are specially formulated for professional track racing specialist driving turbo-charged cars. It has been designed with newly developed Group V fluids which surpasses other Group V base oils in terms of stability under extreme conditions. Boosted levels of X-REV’s ZeroFriction Engine Treatment Additives result in significantly reduced noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) and at the same time allow sustained high turbo boost for maximum torque and acceleration. Specially selected polymers provide very high shear stability with less than 1% shear loss. High treat rates of anti-oxidants ensure exceptional TBN, thus providing increased protection level. The entire Track Lube package ensures that the professional driver is able to extract the maximum performance from his engine on the track, and at the same time have a peace of mind that the engine is well protected. If you are heading to the tracks with your car, can you afford not to have Track Lubes in your engine?

5. What is the difference with EVO 5W-40?

EVO 5W-40 is a high quality lubricant that uses Group IV (Poly Alpha Olefin – PAO) base oil and also contains ZeroFriction Engine Treatment Additives. This formulation results in a lubricant which surpasses the leading brands in all stringent lube tests, but at a price which is highly competive. This enables Xtreme Lubricant Lab to fulfil its corparate vision of creating excellent lubricants at great value to its customers. So if you are looking for very high quality lubes at very competitive prices – go for the EVO 5W-40. If you desire premium racing performance from your engine, then use the X-REV Racing System 3. Xtreme Lubricants Lab – One Company, Two Solutions.

6. Can I use X-REV in my new car?

Definitely. X-REV protects all metal and moving parts in the piston and valve chamber of your car’s engine. You should use X-REV on your new cars (as soon as your first oil change at 1,000km) so that you receive the benefit of X-REV’s full protection from the start. Sample oil analysis from various cars have shown the highest concentration of metal content in used oils occurs in the first 10,000km to 20,000km of usage. It is therefore important that your engine receives the full protection of Xrev from the start. X-REV will not adversely affect the ‘setting in’ of your engine’s piston rings during initial use.

7. Will older cars benefit from using X-REV?

Most definitely. Older cars tend to have more worn or irregular microscopic edges on the metal surfaces of its piston and engine cylinders. X-REV’s ZeroFriction Anti-Friction Metal Treatment Formula will form a molecular bond on all the metal surfaces of the piston chamber and smoothen out the worn and irregular microscopic edges. As a result,  Xrev will eliminate friction arising from metal-to-metal surface contact in your engines. Instead, your engine’s pistons will glide smoothly through the super-slippery surface of X-REV’s protective coating. How do we know this?

X-REV’s Evidentiary Tests clearly demonstrates this.

8. How good is X-REV Racing 4T for use in motorcycles?

X-REV Racing 4T Formula is also highly recommended for large capacity (400cc and above) 4-stroke motorcycle engines as it provides the ultimate performance for high revving operation in high temperature environment and high shear stability, which is demanded by high-powered motorcycles. Many large capacity racing motorcycles have benefited from using X-REV Racing Formula 15W-50. Touring and street bikes will benefit from using the X-REV Racing 10W-40.  Smaller capacity bikes without the manual clutch should use the X-REV Semi Synthetic 10W-40.

9.Will I be able to notice any difference in my car’s performance when using X-REV?

Most drivers will be able to notice an appreciable difference in their car’s engine performance when using X-REV. As a result of the Anti-Friction Metal Treatment Formula as well as the superior protection that X-REV’s Additive Component Package provides your car’s engine, you should be able to detect more power, smoother acceleration and better fuel economy. The exact quantification of these benefits depend on many other factors eg condition of the engine, transmission,  gear box, tyres, fuel type used, driving habits, road conditions, etc.

Admittedly, some drivers may not notice all or any of the benefits from using X-REV ZeroFriction Formula. Well, we are not all born with the same level of sensory perception – so some will be more perceptive than others to these improvements to their engine’s performance.

Even if you don’t notice any appreciable difference to your engine’s performance, rest assured that your car is still enjoying the full protection that X-REV brings to your car’s engine. How can you be sure of this? X-REV’s Evidentiary Tests clearly proves it.

10. Is X-REV available at all workshops?

X-REV is available at our Authorized Workshops. We have only selected workshops that are specialists in their respective areas and who can understand and appreciate the benefits of X-REV products, so that they can educate our valued customers. Unfortunately, not all workshops are really concerned about delivering quality service to their customers. Many are simply interested in their own profit margins.

Here’s a trade secret that you may not be aware of. Many workshops are supported by the major oil companies, who provide them with equipment such as the hydraulic hoist. In return, these workshops can only sell engine oils produced by the oil companies, and they have an annual quota to meet. Hence, these workshops are contractually tied to the oil companies and are unable to promote other brands of engine lubricants, such as X-REV Racing Formula, even though it is a far superior lubricant. This also applies to the authorized servicing agents. You just have to look at their sign boards to know which oil company they are tied to. Unfortunately, it is the interest of you, the car owner, that has been compromised.

11. How does X-REV Fuel Treatment Booster work to improve my cars performance?

X-REV Fuel Treatment Boosters work to clean up your fuel lines and ignition system which may get clogged up over time, inspite of using the best fuels. Your engine’s ignition system, which is the heart of any engine, will be restored to its optimal operating condition. For details, check our Fuel Treatment Booster literature.

12. Can I use other additives with X-REV?

No. X-REV contains all the additives that your engine ever needs. It contains a proprietary blend of metal treatment anti-friction,  a fine balance of additives (detergents, dispersants, oxidation inhibiters, corrosion inhibiters, anti-foam, and emergency lubricants) in a premium fully synthetic base oil. The use of an oil additive could upset the balance as well as the overall viscosity, resulting in reduced performance.

In particular, car owners should never use additives which contain solid particles (details).

13. Does 0W-20/0W-30 engine oil offer better protection?

A 0W-20/0W-30 engine oil is more suitable for cold starts as it has a lower pour (freezing) point. An oil with such a wider viscosity range will circulate more rapidly at cooler temperatures and provide lubrication to all moving parts more quickly. Recent new development in additive technology has allowed such lubricants to be more stable and not vapourize at high temperatures. Thus the new X-REV Racing System 3 0W-20 and 0W-30 is now more suitable (than the standard 5W-20 & 5W-30) for use in performance cars operating in tropical climates as they provide the maximum protection for your engine operating at cold starts and even in hot & humid conditions.

14. Can I use other brands of engine oils after using X-REV?

Yes, you can use other brands of engine oils after using X-REV. You will still continue to feel the effectiveness of X-REV working in your engine even after the switch. Thiis because of the molecular bonding properties of the Anti-Friction Metal Treatment Formula. However, over time, the bonding will wear down (as it is semi-permanent) and the engine will revert to its original (untreated) condition.