All About Our Poducts – Lubricants & Additives

We put oil in our engines to serve several purposes. First, obviously, oil acts as a lubricant and is supposed to reduce friction in the moving parts. Secondly, oil also circulates throughout your engine, and cools parts that cannot get near a water jacket.

However, even the best synthetic engine oil by itself does not offer the best protection against friction under extreme heat, pressure and harsh shearing actions found in high performance engines, especially those operating in tropical climates.

In addition, the oil in your engine is affected by several conditions. Firstly, your piston rings do not do a perfect job of sealing. Some combustion by products will slip past the rings into the engine. This can be little particles of carbon. These little carbon particles can be quite damaging to your engine. Secondly, all petrol has a certain amount of sulphur in it, and this can react with water and oxygen to make sulphuric acid which is very damaging for your engine. Finally, your engine can get internal build ups of tars, waxes, and other compounds formed in the wear and tear. A proper engine lubricant needs to neutralize all these substances in order to protect your engine. Even fully synthetic oil alone cannot do the job completely.

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