X-REV ZeroFriction Engine Treatment Additive is a special proprietary formulation called ZeroFriction. The engine treatment additives bond molecularly to the metal surfaces inside the engine to form a protective strong micro-film layer especially on all moving parts eg the pistons, con-rods, bearings etc.


1. Significantly reduces friction and protects against high rev scruffing.

2. Enhances free revving smoothness in acceleration.

3. Reduces noise, vibration and harshness in th engine.

4. Enables delivery of more power to the wheels.

5. Promotes better fuel efficiency.

Highly recommended for all engine types, including turbo-charged, super-charged, rotary as well as diesel engines.

Compatible with mineral, semi-synthetic, and fully-synthetic engine oils.

A fully liquid additive. Does not contain PTFE, MOS2, graphite, zinc or phosphorous.


X-REV Superb Engine Cleaner is a new generation of solvent which is colorless and odorless. It is also environmentally friendly. The Superb Engine Cleaner is the most effective cleaning agent for your engine. It restores operating efficiency to original condition.


1. Increase Torque and Horsepower.

2. Improves Fuel Consumption.

3. Prolongs Engine Life.

4. Restores Operating Efficiencies to Pistons.

5. Dissolves and Removes Sludge Deposits, Varnish and Tar from Engine.

6. Cleans Waste Build-Up Along Oil Lines.

A Strong and Effective Engine Cleaner, Yet Will Not Harm Your Engine. Recommended for use at every oil change.


1. With engine warm and switched off, add Xrev Engine Cleaner to existing engine oil.

2. Leave engine to idle or drive for about 5-10 mins.

3. Drain out existing engine oil while engine is still warm.

4. Replace original oil filter and use X-REV Engine Treatment Lubricants for best results.


X-REV Fuel Booster Tablets are specially formulated from 100% active ingredients with no diluents or filters. Non-toxic. Safe to handle.


1. Boost octane level in fuel to provide better engine combustion.

2. Restore lost of power.

3. Improve fuel efficiency.

4. Fuel burns cleanly with no ash or residue.

5. Reduce harmful exhaust emissions.

6. Cleans fuel injectors & valves.

7. Stops ping caused by deposits.

8. Revitalize low octane or old fuel.


Each tablet will treat up to 60 liters of fuel. Place tablet in fuel tank just before re-fuelling. Re-fuelling process will wash tablet into fuel tank. Tablet will dissolve completely within 30 minutes.