X-REV RACING 4T Lubricants for MotorBikes

For Superbikes

X-REV Racing Formula 4T is a fully synthetic ester-based 4 stroke lubricant designed specifically for superbikes’ from leading American, European and Japanese manufacturers. As a superbike lubricant, it delivers maximum performance and the ultimate protection with its unique formulation. Perfectly blended with Group V (ester) base oils and X-REV’s proprietary “Triple Action ZeroFriction” Engine Treatment Additives which molecularly bonds to the metal surfaces inside your engine, the Racing Formula 4T works on 3 areas inside a superbike’s engine: more effectively reduces friction in the engine, dissipates heat fast away from the wet clutch, and ensures proper transfer of torque to the gears minimizing transmission loss.

  • More effectively reduces friction in the engine,
  • Dissipates heat fast away from the wet clutch, and
  • Ensures proper transfer of torque to the gears minimizing transmission loss.

motorbike-engine -diagram


  • Fully synthetic ester-based 4-stroke motorcycle engine oil
  • Triple Action ZeroFriction Technology™
  • Tested to the extreme of temperature and engine conditions
  • Extreme high temperature air-cooled and water-cooledengine performance
  • Enhanced throttle response for faster acceleration and smoother pick-up
  • Quieter engine operation at cruising speeds with less vibration
  • Excellent high speed oil consumption control and volatility
  • Excellent shear stability to prevent viscosity break down
  • Complies with requirements of catalyst equipped engines

The circulating oil comes under huge thermal stress as it transfers heat away from low mass components under high power conditions. High piston speeds and power output generate very high temperatures – with few places for that heat to go. The oil plays a crucial cooling role – which demands oils with exceptional high thermal stability. But there are many other challenges that a lubricant must face:

  • Poor quality oil can vaporise leading to a rapid rise in oil consumption – and a fall in protection.
  • Compact multicylinder multivalve engines use complex oil circuitry with narrow oilways – the oil needs to be fluid enough to keep flowing under all conditions.
  • Deposits can build up on the pistons and rings – the oil needs to keep these clean. All the while, the oil is carrying combustion by products and wear metals into the sump and filter.

Compared with truck or car engines, motorcycle engines are much smaller and lighter. Most four stroke motorcycle engines and the lubrication systems are combined so that all these areas rely on the same oil: one oil to do three different but equally important jobs – to protect the engine, gearbox and clutch.

The demands of a superbike engine is somewhat different from a small capacity bike. The engine reaches much higher revs and the stress level of the engine and gearbox is greater. X-REV Racing Formula 4T is therefore designed to meet the exacting performance of Superbikes with the Triple Action ZeroFriction Treatment Additive. Consequently, it is not recommended for smaller capacity bikes (below 200cc with semi-automatic clutch)

X-REV Racing Formula 4T is currently available in conventional 1L packing pre-blended with Triple Action ZeroFriction Treatment Additive. The available 4T viscosity grades are:

Group V Fully Synthetic Racing 4T 15W-50 – for V-Twins, Italian race machines and other large capacity racing motorbikes which love high-revving to the redline and for long distance touring.

Group V Fully Synthetic Racing 4T 10W-40 – for racing in-line 4s, new touring and street bikes for best all-round protection and smoothness.

Note: Group V Fully Synthetic Racing 4T is not suitable for use in small bikes with semi-automatic clutch systems due to high concentration of ZeroFrictiom Treatment Additives.

Synthetic 4T 10W-40 – recommended for street bikes with smaller engine capacity especially those with semi-automatic clutch systems.



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